Monday 26 June 2023

Drawing and Sketching

 Drawing is a form of visual art in which a person uses various drawing instruments to mark paper or another two-dimensional medium. Instruments include graphite pencilspen, and ink, various kinds of paintsinked brushescolored pencilscrayonscharcoalchalkpastels, various kinds of erasersmarkersstyluses, and various metals (such as silverpoint). 

    The wide availability of drawing instruments makes drawing one of the most common artistic activities. A quick, freehand drawing, usually not intended as a finished work, is sometimes called a sketch


A sketch is a freehand drawing that is not usually intended to be finished work. Sketching can be done not only with graphite pencil, or charcoal, it can be done by brush with mediums like watercolors, oil painting, etc. Sketching can serve many purposes such as
  • it might record what an artist sees or 
  • it might be recording an idea for later use or
  •  it might be a quick way of graphical demonstration.
The sketchbooks of some individual artists have become very well known, including those of Leonardo da Vinci and Edgar Degas which have become art objects in their own right, with many pages showing finished studies as well as sketches.

Artist Tip: Carry a sketchbook of your own. Sketch at least five sketches per day. Make it a hobby and it will improve your drawing and artistic skills.

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Drawing and Sketching

  Drawing  is a form of  visual art  in which a person uses various drawing instruments to mark  paper  or another  two-dimensional  medium....

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