Oil Pastels

what are Oil Pastels?

    Oil Pastels are first created by Sakura  in 1925 from Osaka , Japan and called as Cray-Pas. Oil Pastels are made with pigment mixed with non-drying oil and wax unlike other "soft" pastels made with a gum or methyl cellulose binder and "Wax-crayons". These are non-toxic and can be used by children. There are different varieties of Oil Pastels like Student grade and Artist Grade. Artist grade Oil Pastels has more pigment and are more smooth compared to student grade pastels. 
    Oil Pastels is one of the best art medium which you can invest in. It is one of the versatile mediums in art where you can try any type of art whether it is realistic or abstract. Oil Pastels when used well will give you the best realistic works like other art mediums such as Acrylics and Oil Paintings. Oil pastels can be used in the place of oil paints in a way. But the usage is limited when compared to oil paints. 
     It is important to understand the difference between the Wax - Crayons  and Oil Pastels
  • Wax-crayons are hard and very difficult to blend where as Oil Pastels are smooth and easy to blend.
  • The life of the art work is more when it is done with Oil Pastels rather than using Wax-Crayons.
  • The art work done with Wax-crayons fade soon than compared with Oil Pastels.
  • Oil Pastels comes in different varieties and have more hues . Whereas wax-crayons has limited varieties and hues.  

How to Use Oil Pastels?

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